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Where are we now?

Jaxx Teller, Jul 19, 12 5:15 PM.
I see a few people still check in from time to time, so to let you know what we are currently up to, Katie and Chibbs are currently playing Star Wars TOR, while Tara and I are playing The Secret World. I also have a few accounts open on Eve Online that I play from time to time. Feel free to respond here, or drop a message in the shout-box if you want more info.

Howdy Everyone

Jaxx Teller, Feb 10, 12 2:05 PM.
Been a very long time since I (or anyone else for that matter) has posted here, and for my part I sincerely apologize. My work schedule has been a bit hectic, and even when it's not so busy, I've been working early mornings, meaning I'm typically asleep during prime time when most people are online.

I see at least a few of you still check the boards here once in a great while, and I figured I'd give an update on what we have been up to lately. Myself, Tara, Chibbs, and KT have been playing SW:TOR, (although I don't get much chance to play.) I'm sure a few other ex SAMCRO members are probably playing as well. Although SW:TOR is a pretty decent solo/co-op game, it is very lacking in group/guild content, so we really haven't made much of an effort to rebuild the old SAMCRO player base there. I also don't see much in the way of end game content or rolling tons of alts, so I figure the novelty will wear off quickly once I get a character to max level (a few more weeks/months with my limited play time).

After we have given SW:TOR a good run, what next? Depends on the timeline. The Secret World is due out mid April, and looks pretty damn cool. If that comes out on time, I'll probably head there. If it is delayed, or I leave SW:TOR earlier than expected, I'll probably go back to Rift until the Secret World comes out. Both games have much more multi-player and guild options than SW:TOR and I'd be more than happy to re-create SAMCRO in some form that fits with either game, so long as there are a few old members left from our FE days who want to tag along.

SW:TOR Launches 12/20/11

Jaxx Teller, Sep 26, 11 4:50 PM.
Star Wars finally has a release date, and over the next few weeks, I'll be updating the site and converting it from SAMCRO FE, to Star Wars. I'll also be keeping a section on other games we are playing/have played in recent months so this will become more of a multi game community with a focus on SW:TOR. I'll also be adding guild info and other stuff as I find time over the next few weeks.

Church Follow-Up

KT Dagger, Aug 12, 11 4:51 PM.
This turned into an officers meeting.  No other members in attendance. It was decided to put a poll up for vote about meeting times since no one has made the meetings except the officers. 

The following were awarded member status:
Jason Vader
Sabotage & Alicia's alts

Welcome to our new members.  Make us proud

Also welcome back to our long lost member Mort.  We missed you brother.
I hope Jayma will be returning soon.  We need your "Fraternity Paddle".   (thinks these new ones got off easy)
Strelik was demoted to hangaround due to 20 day absence.  If he returns he can be promoted to prospect at that time.

In other news the bank function is now being used so all members can see what is in the "Bank" Clone Dagger is the banker.

SFFS RK Division

Tara Knowles, Feb 6, 11 2:41 PM.
Most of the long-term officers have moved to the MMO, Anarchy On-line.  Until FE releases some new content, we will be playing on the Rubi-Ka 1, Atlantean Server.  Although SAMCRO has uprooted, the SONS go on and have created an org, SFFS RK Division on AO.  If you would like to join us, just post here in our official forums.  Some officers; Katie and Chibbs have kept their accounts active on FE for the time being.  Those that can be found most days on AO, EST 6-12 PM are Jaxx (Boragus, Ghazgoroth, Sandorval), Tara (Cerisea, Ceriene, Cericea), Chibs (Castlelord), Katie (Castleskt), Jayma (Jaymas, Schlegelli) and Sarah Rowan/Mort (Morties, Dabeast).  Miss you all, Tara
As of 6/5/2011 we have once again opened recruitment and are looking for new prospects. Players must be Traveler/Tech/CHOTA aligned, or intending to join one of those three factions. We prefer full time players level 10+, and have some interest in Light RP and/or PVP.
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